Original Art at La Luce

The perfect complement to a sumptuous feast is inspiring art. At La Luce, we celebrate the sensory by treating you to art that is as fresh and contemporary as our cuisine. If we eat with our eyes first, consider the original art your first course.

Edson Campos

“Beauty is essential to the well being of the soul. My work is designed to bring a sense of beauty and inspiration to the everyday routine. To create a moment in time when your mind is full of joy. I bring back the old with a new concept – classical forms, attention to detail, elegant compositions and the eternal search for the Masterpiece.”

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Edson Campos has enjoyed sketching and painting since childhood. His curiosity for other lands and cultures has taken him on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the arts. His career began as a self-taught artist, creating illustrations for children’s books, newspapers, murals and animation. From airbrush and oil paintings to charcoal and fine ink drawings, Campos’ work – which he describes as “Post-Romantic” – displays the quality and passion of the old masters.

Kathleen Brodeur

“Each one of us possesses an exquisite, extraordinary gift; the gift to create. When we honor this priceless gift by opening our hearts and embracing our creative impulses, our lives become filled with joy. I enjoy inspiring others to believe in their creative spirits and to follow their visions wherever they may lead.”

Kathleen Brodeur is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. Born and raised in Connecticut, she has enjoyed painting, drawing and photography for most of her life. Brodeur’s oil paintings are brought to life with her strong, bold use of color and the spontaneity of the palette knife. She loves to travel and creates paintings from her own collection of photographs, calling them “painted memories”. Her most recent inspirations have been derived from her travels with Edson Campos to Paris, Florence and Venice. Brodeur’s most recognized work is located in the central lobby of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida – a permanent series of 18 colorful oil paintings depicting Florida’s beautiful, vast and varied landscapes.